What is DigiMaa?


DigiMaa’s goal is to bring fiber broadband connection that enables ultra-fast Internet, television, security, and telephone services to all homes and enterprises of Harju County.

A future-proof fiber-optic cable network will be built in regions where operators have no intention to build it. The broadband network will belong to the local government. Building of the new generation ICT infrastructure is partially funded by the state.

Consumers will be able to use the services of all service provider via DigiMaa fiber optic cable network.

What does DigiMaa offer me?


Towns and municipalities of Harju County have joined forces via DigiMaa in order to secure their regions’ development.

DigiMaa ultimately improves the residents’ living environment, business environment and competitiveness of rural areas; it decreases digital gap and peripheralization: people can work remotely from home offices, efficiency increases, and ecological footprint decreases as people need to commute less; people have better access to e-state services, new opportunities for learning and development open up; dissemination of information and communication opportunities improve, community’s coherency and welfare increase, security and environmental convenience increase; there are new opportunities for entertainment, and much more.

The founder of DigiMaa is the Union of Harju County Municipalities.



The participants of Digimaa project are Aegviidu Municipality, Anija Municipality, Harku Municipality, Jõelähtme Municipality, Town of Keila, Keila Municipality,

Kernu Municipality, Kiili Municipality, Kose Municipality, Kuusalu Municipality, Town of Loksa, Town of Maardu, Nissi Municipality, Padise Municipality, Town of Paldiski, Raasiku Municipality,

Rae Municipality, Saku Municipality, Town of Saue, Saue Municipality, Vasalemma Municipality, Viimsi Municipality, Pirita District of Tallinn.



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